Gold Rate in Qatar Today Per Gram

The gold rate in Qatar today per gram is QAR 279.92 for a 24K gold and QAR 256.59 per gram for a 22K gold. The gold rates are updated on a daily basis for the convenience of the visitors to stay informed in a timely manner.

Qatar Gold Rate Per Gram Details

Every You Tuber, vlogger, and blogger indicates in the content that knowledge of the current gold price is crucial before visiting the gold market in Qatar.

You may find hereunder the latest Qatar gold rate 1 gram followed by 2.5 grams, 10 grams, 50 grams, and 100 grams in Qatari Riyal (QAR). Remember that: 1 gram gold weight is equal to 1000 milligrams.

Weight 24K Price 22K Price
1 Gram QAR 279.92 QAR 256.59
2.5 Gram QAR 699.80 QAR 641.48
10 Gram QAR 2,799.18 QAR 2,565.92
50 Gram QAR 13,995.92 QAR 12,829.59
100 Gram QAR 27,991.83 QAR 25,659.18

Apr 19, 2024 11:49 am

  • The visitors can instantly observe the flow of gold rates in the country today per gram in 24K and 22K over a week and month time by visiting the Qatar gold price chart per gram page.
  • The graphical presentation makes the gold rates picture more easy to understand the market.

Gold Price In Qatar Today By Purity Level

Keeping in view the interest of the visitors, we are providing gold prices per gram according to different gold purity carats (CT) or karats (K) common in Qatar gold markets.

KaratsGold PurityPrice
23K95.8 %QAR 268.26
21K87.5 %QAR 244.93
20K83.3 %QAR 233.27
18K75.0 %QAR 209.94
15K62.5 %QAR 174.95
14K58.3 %QAR 163.29
10K41.7 %QAR 116.63

Average Gold Price Per Gram In Qatar For 24K & 22K

The 24K gold and 22K gold both enjoy significant attraction to the customers. The 24 Karat gold is 99.9% pure and more valuable compared with 22K gold which is 91.67% pure. Gold jewelry is commonly made in 22K by mixing other metals.

The average gold rate Qatar for 24K & 22K in the last 28 days is provided hereunder to educate the visitors to understand the landscape of gold prices.

Days 24K Price 22K Price
7 QAR 277.69 QAR 254.55
14 QAR 274.78 QAR 251.88
21 QAR 269.59 QAR 247.12
28 QAR 265.47 QAR 243.35

Change In The Qatar Gold Price In Last 30 Days

The gold price per gram 24K and 22K changes due to international and local market forces. Every day the gold price drops or rises in Qatar and sometimes remains stable for a short or long period.

To better understand how gold prices per gram in 24 carat and 22 carat (or karat) are performing. Let’s examine the following table. The minus (-) sign in the last column shows the drop in the Qatar gold price today compared with yesterday’s gold price per gram.

Days 24K Price Change in Price
19 Apr 24 QAR 279.92 QAR 2.44
18 Apr 24 QAR 277.48 QAR -3.22
17 Apr 24 QAR 280.70 QAR 4.96
16 Apr 24 QAR 275.74 QAR -1.47
15 Apr 24 QAR 277.22 QAR -0.62
14 Apr 24 QAR 277.83 QAR 2.88
13 Apr 24 QAR 274.95 QAR 1.26
12 Apr 24 QAR 273.69 QAR -0.69
11 Apr 24 QAR 274.38 QAR 1.69
10 Apr 24 QAR 272.69 QAR -0.25
09 Apr 24 QAR 272.94 QAR 0.40
08 Apr 24 QAR 272.54 QAR 4.32
07 Apr 24 QAR 268.22 QAR -0.35
06 Apr 24 QAR 268.56 QAR 3.90
05 Apr 24 QAR 264.66 QAR 2.52
04 Apr 24 QAR 262.14 QAR 0.51
03 Apr 24 QAR 261.63 QAR 1.70
02 Apr 24 QAR 259.93 QAR 2.88
01 Apr 24 QAR 257.05 QAR 2.21
31 Mar 24 QAR 254.84 QAR 0.64
30 Mar 24 QAR 254.19 QAR 0.65
29 Mar 24 QAR 253.54 QAR 0.22
28 Mar 24 QAR 253.32 QAR 0.78
27 Mar 24 QAR 252.54 QAR 0.11
26 Mar 24 QAR 252.43 QAR -0.34
25 Mar 24 QAR 252.77 QAR 0.06
24 Mar 24 QAR 252.72 QAR -1.80
23 Mar 24 QAR 254.52 QAR 0.92
22 Mar 24 QAR 253.60 QAR 5.75

Gold Prices In The Cities of Qatar

The gold prices are uniform throughout the various gold markets within every Qatari municipality city.

You can use the gold jewelry price calculator on our site to know the price estimates of your jewelry valuables and use a gold weight or gold converter tool to convert tola to gram, gram to ounce, pavan to gram, troy ounce to Kg weights, etc.

Gold Rate In Qatar Today Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Today, the gold price for 24K in Qatar is QAR 279.92 per gram.

The 22K gold rate today Qatar is QAR 256.59 per gram.

Today, the price of 1 gram gold bar in Qatar for 24 Karat is QAR 279.92 per gram.

Today, the gold price in Qatar for 24K is QAR 3,263.85 per tola.

It is QAR 2,565.92 per 10 gram of 22 carat gold and QAR 2,799.18 per 10 gram for 24 carat gold, today.

It is QAR 13,995.92 per 50 gram of 24 carat gold, today.

The 22K carat gold has less value but is more durable than 24K. The 22K gold is used for making jewelry ornaments. It has 91.67 % gold content and the remaining are other metals like zinc, copper, silver, etc. The 24K carat gold is 99.99% pure. It is soft and cannot be used for making jewelry. It’s resilient.

Hallmark means certified gold. Hallmarks are a series of marks struck on the precious metals by the assaying authority or organization manufacturing the jewelry or gold bullion.

In Qatar, you will find different types of hallmarked gold at jewelry shops which include 999 Hallmark (24 Carat Gold), 958 Hallmark (23 Carat Gold), 916 Hallmark (22 Carat Gold), 875 Hallmark (21 Carat Gold), 750 Hallmark (18 Carat Gold), 585 Hallmark (14 Carat Gold), and 375 Hallmark Gold (9 Carat Gold).

You can buy or sell gold coins, bars or bricks, and jewelry in Qatar.

I was amazed to discover that in Qatar, gold rates are in fact low-priced than in many other countries of the world. Actually, the Government of Qatar has kept gold tax-free, which has supported and maintained its prices down. That’s why you will find many gold shops in the country starting from Doha International Airport to local markets and malls.