Privacy Policy

Our policies and procedures are about the usage and disclosure of your information while you are using the service as described by this privacy policy. It also acknowledges your privacy rights and how it manages to provide you with security and protection.

Understanding of First Letter

The words with the first letter capitalized have certain meanings that are defined under the given conditions. The definitions mentioned below will have the same meanings irrespective of being singular or plural.

Outlined Topics

With regards to the intentions outlined in this privacy policy:

  • Account refers to a unique account that is made for You in order to get access to Our service or some parts of Our service.
  • The term “affiliate” denotes an entity that holds control, is subject to control, or shares common control with another party. In this context, the term “control” signifies the ownership of 50% or greater of shares, equity interest, or other securities endowed with voting rights for the purpose of electing directors or other figures with managerial authority.
  • Company also referred to as “the Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” in this Agreement is referred to
  • Cookies are basically the small files placed on your device by any website, that consists of information regarding Your browsing history on that website among its many uses.
  • The country refers to Qatar.
  • Device refers to any device like a cell phone, computer, tablet, etc. which accesses Our service.
  • Personal data is the data or information about the identified or identifiable individual.
  • Service is the word specified for Our Website.
  • A service Provider is any legal person who processes the data on the Company’s behalf which can also refer to the third-party companies or the individuals employed by Our Company for assisting and providing the service and also to help the company to analyze the usage of the service.
  • Usage data is the data that is assembled automatically, this data is generated by using the service or from the service infrastructure itself (like the duration of a page visit).
  • Website refers to, accessible from
  • You refer to an individual that has access to the service and also refer to the company or any other legal entity through which the individual uses the service.

Gathering & Utilizing Your Personal Information

Personal Data

When you will be using the service you will be requested to provide some personal information which can help us to contact or identify you.

This Personally identifiable information consists of (not limited to) Usage Data.

Usage Data

While you are using the service usage data is collected automatically.

The information comprises your Internet Protocol Device Address i.e. IP address, browser version, browser type, your visited pages, time and date of your visit including time duration on those pages, unique device identifiers, and other diagnostic information.

Upon accessing the Service through a mobile device, specific information may be gathered automatically. This encompasses, though is not restricted to, details such as the mobile device model, its distinct ID, the IP address associated with the device, the operating system running on the mobile device, the variant of mobile Internet browser employed, individual device identifiers, and additional diagnostic data.

Furthermore, information may be gathered which is transmitted by Your browser each time You visit Our Service or when You access the Service via a mobile device.

Footprint Technologies & Browser Cookies

Employing Cookies and alike tracking innovations, We attentively monitor engagement on Our Service while securely retaining precise data. This effort includes tying together beacons, tags, and scripts, facilitating information aggregation and traceability, and ultimately improving and slicing up the ins and outs of Our Service.

The array of technologies at Our disposal encompasses:

  • Imagine a cookie – a petite file dexterously set upon your device. You exercise the control to command your browser, advise it to decline an entire Cookies feast, or signal when a particular Cookie gets transmitted. However, should you turn down this offer, you might find certain portions of Our Service unreachable. The exclusion lies in your power – configuring your browser settings to reject Cookies will stop the progress of their entry, otherwise, Our Service capacity just glides in a small number.
  • Inside Our Service and emails, you might reach across web beacons— minute electronic files with names like clear gifs, pixel tags, or single-pixel gifs. These low-profile elements allow Us, the Company, to do things like mark the total of users who’ve checked out specific pages or unwrap an email. They also help Us assemble insights into website data, such as determining the fame of exact sections and verifying the reliability of Our systems and servers.
  • Cookies are categorized into two types: ‘Persistent’ and ‘Session’ Cookies. When you’re offline, Persistent Cookies affix around on your personal computer or mobile device, whereas Session Cookies disappear the instant you shut down your web browser. To come deeper into cookies, check out the educational article on the TermsFeed website.

We utilize both Session and Persistent Cookies to achieve the following objectives:

  • Session Cookies Manage by Us. Its Function: These Cookies take part in a central role in providing you with the services accessible via the Website and making easy your communication with its variety of functionalities. They assist in confirming user individuality and discouraging unauthorized exploitation of user accounts. Devoid of these Cookies, the certain services you’ve asked for would linger unapproachable, and Our operation of these Cookies is firmly limited to conveying those requested services to you.
  • Cookies Policy / Acceptance Cookies Type: Manage by Us, purpose: These Cookies determine whether users have approved the use of cookies on the Website.
  • Functionality Cookies: Persistent Cookies Manage by: Us. Its Function: These Cookies award us the facility to maintain the options you make during your connections with the Website, like evoking your login details or preferential language. The objective behind these Cookies is to supply you with an improved and personalized browsing encounter, thereby sparing you the need to repeatedly put in your preferences whenever you connect with the Website.
  • To explore deeper into the cookies We utilize and to explore your options concerning cookies, We invite you to read thoroughly Our Cookies Policy or venture into the Cookies section within Our Privacy Policy.

Employment of Your Individual Information

The use of Personal Information by the Company might encompass the subsequent purposes:

  • For the purpose of delivering and maintaining Our Service, which includes managing the operations of Our Service.
  • Management of your account: to administer the process of signing up you as a participant in the Service. The Personal Information You deliver holds the influence to unlock entry to a range of Service attributes that look forward to your exploration as an officially registered user.
  • For the functioning of a contract: encompassing the improvement, observance, and accomplishment of the purchasing agreement for the products, items, or services you’ve acquired, as well as any supplementary agreements established between You and Us through the Service.
  • Reaching Out to You: executing communication by means of like email, phone calls, SMS, or comparable electronic modes—such as push notifications within mobile apps—to pass on updates or useful messages tied to functionalities, products, or the services contracted. This may also cover security-related updates, as and when required, or pragmatic for their execution.
  • To furnish You with updates, exclusive deals, and thorough insights about other products, services, and events similar to those You’ve either obtained or expressed interest in— excluding cases where You’ve selected to reject receiving such communications.

Administering Your Inquiries: Addressing and overseeing the queries You direct to Us

  • In occasions of business changeover: Your information might be employed for evaluating or effecting a merger, divestiture, restructuring, reorganization, closure, or alternate sale or transfer of a portion or the entirety of Our assets—be it as an ongoing operation or as an element of bankruptcy, liquidation, or analogous legal procedure—wherein personal data in Our possession regarding users of Our Service forms part of the transferred assets.
  • For additional objectives: Your data would find use in other capacities, including informational analysis, detecting usage patterns, gauging the effect of Our promotional actions, and evaluating and improving Our Service, products, services, marketing efforts, and yours on the whole experience.

We might unveil your personal information in succeeding situations.

  • Service Providers: Your personal information could be shared with service providers for the purpose of managing and examining the utilization of Our Service, and for reaching out to you.
  • Business conversion: Your personal information may be disclosed or transferred during discussions related to any merger, asset sale by the Company, financing, or the acquiring of Our business, in full or partially, by another entity.
  • Affiliates: Your information might be exchanged with Our affiliates, under the condition that We instruct those affiliates to support this Privacy Policy. Affiliates encompass Our main entity and any additional subsidiaries, partners in joint ventures, or other entities controlled by Us or sharing common control with us.
  • Business allies: Your information could be furnished to Our business partners for the reason of extending exact products, services, or promotional offers to you.
  • Concerning associate users: In circumstances where You share private information or engage in interactions within community spaces alongside other users, such information might become accessible to all users and could potentially be spread publicly outside that scope.
  • With Your agreement: Your personal information may be revealed for any unusual purpose subject to Your agreement.

Preserving Your Individual Data

The company will support your personal records wholly for the duration critical to accomplish the objectives lay down in this privacy policy.

We will keep and make use of your personal information as required to adhere to officially permitted responsibilities (for instance, if retaining your data is mandated by relevant laws), settle disputes, and support the enforcement of Our legal contracts and policies.

The Company shall also keep custom data for internal evaluation reasons. Normally, Usage Data is maintained for a small period, except if it serves to improve security, boost the competence of Our Service, or legal obligations demand its extended preservation.

Transferring Your Individual Data

Your particulars, including private data, are handled at the Company’s operational branches and any other locations where the involved processing parties are located. This means that the details could be transmitted to and upheld on computers located out of your state, province, country, or other jurisdiction, potentially subject to differing data protection laws from those in your jurisdiction.

Upon Your adherence to this Privacy Policy and succeeding provision of said information, you signify your acceptance of this transfer.

The Company shall take on all rationally indispensable measures to pledge the secure and acquiescent conduct of your data as defined in this Privacy Policy. No relocation of your personal records shall become known to an individual or country unless adequate controls, surrounding data security and other private information safeguards, are securely recognized.

Remove All Your Personal Information

You possess the privilege to remove or demand our support in erasing the Personal Data We have gathered with reference to you.

The opportunity provided by our service may allow you to eliminate explicit information related to you right away through the Service.

At any point in time, You hold the choice to amend, change, or rub out your information by logging into your account. Inside the account settings section, You can manage your personal data. In addition, you have the choice to get in touch with us to look for access, fix, or get rid of any personal records you’ve shared with us.

Kindly be conscious that there may be a case in point where We hold onto particular details due to lawful requirements or legal reasons.

Exposure of Your Personal Information

Commercial Dealings

In case the Company executes a merger, acquisition, or asset auction, the possible transmission of your individual data may take place. Prior notification will be issued before your private data experience relocation and turn out to be subject to an alternate Privacy Policy.

Legal Authorities Involvement

Under certain conditions, the Company may require to uncover your personal records if obligated by legal compulsion or in reply to lawful requirements from governmental bodies (for example, a court or government agency).

Additional Legal Obligations

The Company might make known your personal records with the honest conviction that such an act is indispensable to:

  • Perform a legal duty.
  • Look after and defend the rights or assets of the Company.
  • Prevent or inspect possible wrongdoing associated with the Service.
  • Make sure the individual comfort of Service Users or the universal public.
  • Protect against legal responsibilities.

Safeguarding Your Personal Information

Safeguarding your personal data is important to us, however, it’s vital to know that no Internet transmission system or electronic storage approach is totally solid. Even though we endeavor to utilize commercially practical ways for defending your private Information, We cannot guarantee its firm security.

Privacy of Minors (Children)

Our Service is not proposed for persons under the age of 13. We do not deliberately gather individually identifiable records from individuals under the age of 13.

Being a parent or guardian has noticed that your child has shared individual data with us, please get in touch with us. Upon learning that We have accumulated private data from an individual under 13 without getting parental consent, We carry out measures to remove such information from our servers.

If We must depend on consent as a lawful groundwork for managing your information, and if your state directs parental consent, We might need approval from your parent before obtaining and utilizing that information.

Connection To External Websites

Our service may include links to external websites not under our administration. Clicking on a link to a third party will redirect you to that particular website. We firmly advise that you examine the privacy policy of each site you visit.

We possess no authority and recognize no liability for the content, privacy policies, or conduct of any third-party sites or services.

Modifications To This Privacy Policy

From time to time, We might amend our privacy policy. Notification of any changes will be communicated by publishing the updated privacy policy on this web page.

We will pass on you through email and/or a plain notification on our service before the revision takes effect, and the ” most recent updated” date at the beginning of this privacy policy will be modified accordingly.

It is suggested that you occasionally go over this privacy policy for any amendments. Revisions to this privacy policy come into effect upon being posted on this web page.

Get In Touch With Us

For possible inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, feel free to reach out to us at:

E-mail: [email protected]