How to Calculate Zakat


Zakat Calculator

An online free tool that helps Muslims around the world to easily calculate the annual amount of zakat according to nisab and pay it conveniently. 

Just fill in the fields as highlighted in the above tool and our tool automatically calculates the zakat on cash, gold, silver, investments, and stocks after deducting your liabilities. The zakat percentage is only 2.5% of the total value.

Zakat is an obligatory requirement to be fulfilled by all Muslims. It is a mandatory requirement of Islam which is fixed at the rate of 2.5% on the cumulative savings and assets exceeding a specified limit called nisab.

The Zakat is calculated annually and can be distributed throughout the year in small amounts to different needy persons or can be paid fully to a single poor person, deprived family, or organization.

Gold Zakat Calculator

You can try our unique calculators like Gold Calculator, Jewelry Price Calculator and Gold Purity Calculator. It is totally free.

You don’t have to manually calculate the gold value. Just provide the gold weight, and its value will be automatically calculated. This not only removes all your hassle of calculating the gold value but also provides authentic results.It makes zakat calculator on gold very easy.

Ramadan Zakat

Ramadan is a blessed month for every Muslim. Most of them give Zakat during this holy month to receive maximum blessings. Now, its calculation is not an issue. Simply provide the values, and you will receive an instant result.

Its calculation can be performed in multiple currencies and units.

Zakat Al-Mal

In Arabic taking out the zakat is commonly referred as Zakat Al-Mal. Al-Mal means related to assets, goods and saving. This Zakat fund can be used for poor or needy people.

Zakat Calculator Rupees

It is a free tool that any person can use to calculate his zakat amount on gold, stocks, cash in hand, assets, and shares. The zakat money is revealed after deducting the debt if a person owes it to any institution or individual.

The other amazing utility the user will find in this tool is the this tool support more then 100 different currencies including Rupees, US Dollars, Euro, Qatari Riyal, etc. The some of the prominent names of currencies are listed below.

  • USD America
  • GBP UK
  • EUR Euro
  • CAD Canada
  • PHP Philippines
  • SGD Singapore
  • PKR Pakistan
  • SAR Saudi Arab
  • JOD Jordan
  • IRR Iran
  • ZAR South Africa
  • TND Tunisia
  • TRY Turkey
  • ETB Ethiopia
  • IQD Iraq
  • MYR Malaysia
  • KWD Kuwait
  • AED United Arab Emirates
  • QAR Qatar
  • INR Indian Rupees
  • BDT Bangladesh
  • LKR Srilanka
  • AFN Afghanistan
  • NPR Nepal
  • GHS Ghana
  • EGP Egypt
  • SDG Sudan
  • SYP Syria
  • CNY China
  • LBP Lebanon
  • IDR Indonesia
  • ERN Eritrea
  • UGX Uganda
  • NGN Nigeria
  • BHD Bahrain

Tool Names

People around the world search for zakat calculator app by different search terms. However, all the people intend to know the exact amount of zakat they want to separate from their assets. Yet the objective of calculation can be different.

Someone likes to know zakat on salary, cash in hand or gold, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following are the steps to calculate Zakat on gold

  • Find the current gold rate in gram
  • Convert your gold into grams
  • Calculate the cost of the your gold
  • Extract 2.5 % of the total cost of your gold