Gold Jewelry Price Calculator


Gold Jewelry Price Calculator is an automated tool that fetches precise data from the user in the form of currency, a unit of weight, gold karat, GST, making charges, and gemstones cost and reveals the estimated price of the gold jewelry, instantly, based on the current price of the gold. 

We all know that buying and selling gold jewelry in Qatar or in any part of the world is a common activity transacted by ordinary people and shopkeepers on an occasional and sometimes daily basis.

Some people buy gold jewelry for celebrating special events like weddings, regional & religious festivals like Eid, Ramadan, New Year, Christmas, Garangao festival, etc., and exchanging gifts with loved ones.

On the other hand, gold jewelry helped people in times of financial crisis as it was sold for handsome money. Similarly, businessmen benefit by selling ready-made and customized jewelry and ornaments to buyers and even to fellow shopkeepers.

No matter who you are and what are your requirements, if you intend to buy gold jewelry and are interested in knowing the closest possible market price estimate based on the current gold rate in Qatar then the Gold Jewelry Price Calculator will help you out and ease your tension within no time. You will get the price of your gold jewelry in the desired currency i.e. QAR, USD, INR,  etc.

Gold Jewelry Price Calculator Tool Input Fields

Let’s examine the input fields of the Gold Jewelry Price Checker Tool one by one and understand the data required to be filled in each field.

Currency Field Box

It is the first field input box of the tool. The visitor will select the currency from the drop-down list in which he/she intends to know the price of gold jewelry in Qatar. The currency can be QAR, USD, INR, PKR, PHP, GBP, BDT, LKR, AFN, NPR, SGD, etc. It is the mandatory field of the tool. 

Number Of Units

It is the second field box in the gold jewelry price calculator. It’s compulsory information required from visitors. The visitor will furnish here the quantity of gold jewelry in numbers which he/she owns. For example, if a visitor is holding 50 grams of jewelry in Qatar, then he will select 50 from the given list.  

Measuring Unit Of Weight

It is the third field in the gold jewelry tool. The user will choose the measuring unit of jewelry. By default, gram is selected.

However, the user has the option to select any measuring unit of weight like an Ounce, Masha, Pavan, Ratti, Kilogram, Kg, Troy Ounce, Tael, Baht, etc. The gold jewelry tool will reveal the price according to the chosen weight unit. 

Gold Carat Level

In this fourth field of the tool, the visitor will indicate the value of the gold carat from the given list.

For example, if the visitor has jewelry of 18K, then he/she will choose 18K from the drop-down list. The tool will reveal the gold jewelry price in QAR or USD or in any other selected currency, accordingly.

General Sales Tax (GST) %

In Qatar, so far, there is no tax on the sale and purchase of gold. Therefore, the general sales tax percentage (%) field will be kept empty by the visitors from Qatar.

Since the gold jewelry price in Qatar has zero GST %. It is a most lucrative attraction for jewelry buyers and sellers in the gold market of Qatar

However, any user from a country outside Qatar will furnish GST % according to the respective country’s laws & regulations. For example, if a country has imposed 17 % GST on gold jewelry then, the user will furnish the said percentage in this field.

Making Charges

The making charges or labor charges are mandatory added by the shopkeeper who is making customized gold jewelry for you. It is the negotiable amount charged by the gold jewelry seller. 

The gold jewelry price calculator shows making charges per gram by default. However, if you select measuring unit ounce or pavan or masha or baht in the third field, then the tool will calculate the making changes on a per ounce or per pavan, etc. basis. 

Since this amount is negotiable. Therefore, the visitor will reveal the negotiated price per gram / ounce / pavan, etc. from the drop-down list and the calculator will give the price accordingly.

Gemstones Cost

It is the last input field. The user has to provide the price of gemstones attached to the gold jewelry.

Gemstones are precious stones or mineral rocks shaped and fixed in the jewelry to enhance its design and elegance. The value of gemstones is assessed separately and therefore distinct field is made to reveal its amount.

The holder of the jewelry can assess the value of gemstones from renowned gold jewelry sellers and then furnish value in this field.

Names of Gold Jewellery Price Calculator Online

It is experienced that the gold price jewellery calculator is searched by the people in different parts of the world by different names. Some of the common names, it is called includes.

  • gold ornaments price calculator
  • gold jewellery cost calculator


The gold jewelry price calculator is an amazing tool, which instantly answers the question of a user seeking “What is the value of my gold jewelry?”. The price of the jewelry is calculated and furnished based on the latest gold rate prevailing in the country.

This tool is a universal calculator. For instance, if a person from Qatar wishes to know the price of a 100 gm gold Jewellery set, he will get the value in QAR using this calculator. Similarly, any person from other countries can benefit from this tool in their respective currencies.