Gold Karat Purity Calculator


What is a gold karat purity calculator or checker? It’s a precise gold purity measuring tool that helps users instantly know the percentage of pure gold content in a particular gold bar or jewelry.

The user will input the gold karat value of the item that he/she possesses in the first field i.e. Gold Karat and this tool (as presented above) will furnish the gold purity percentage in that particular gold item.

The gold karat purity calculator - checker helps the user to know the gold purity content in a gold item or ornament.

You can see there are only two fields in the gold karat purity checker tool, i.e.

  • Gold Karat
  • Gold Purity

Gold Karat – Input Field

It is the input field. In the gold karat field, the user has to input the karat value of their gold bar or jewelry to check the gold purity.

For example, a person has gold jewelry or a bar and he/she knows it is 22K karat. Just select the karat value (in number) i.e. 22 in this field.

Gold Purity – Output Field

It is the output field. The gold purity field will automatically show the gold purity content in percentage against a particular gold karat.

For example, a 24K karat has 100% gold purity, a 16K karat has 66.67 % gold purity and an 18K karat has 75% gold purity content, etc.

Precisely, when the user enters 16K in the first input field, this gold purity checker tool will show a 66.67% gold percentage in the second output field.

Gold Karat Purity Calculator – Checker Help User

Any person who holds gold and knows gold karat of his belongings but has no idea of how much gold purity is actually present in the gold item. These persons can take advantage of the Gold Karat Purity Calculator to find out the gold purity percentage in an item.

A person who buys or sells a gold item in the market will enjoy the added advantage of knowing the meaning of gold carats and the associated purity level. He can bargain in the gold market of Qatar or any country in the world to secure business deals on the best gold rates of the day with full confidence and understanding.

The user can check the gold purity percentage of any gold karat value from 1K up to 24K gold karat scale. We all know that 24K is the maximum gold purity level in an item or ornament.

Percentage Of Gold Per Karat

This easy-to-use calculator instantly furnishes the gold purity percentage of all the karats. In fact, this instant percentage of gold per karat tool is sufficiently robust that it provides accurate answers to all the following queries of the visitors.

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The gold karat purity calculator/checker simply helps the user discover the gold purity content in a gold item or ornament. The user will input gold karat and get the gold purity percentage in the output field.

The tool works as a live gold karat purity chart. The gold purity result is shown against a single-karat value at a time.