Doha Airport Gold Shops

Doha Airport Gold Shops

Doha International Airport (DIA) is also known as Hamad International Airport, Qatar. Contrary to many other airports it is comparatively bigger with various international brand shops including Apple,  Louis Vuitton, etc.

But apart from all this, it also serves to provide its customers with many duty-free gold shops to do their gold shopping.

In this article, details about these gold shops are mentioned. So whenever you will get a chance to visit Doha, Qatar, make sure to visit Doha Airport gold shops.

Gold Shop In Hamad International Airport

All the shops follow the current gold rate in Qatar airport. Major gold shops situated in Qatar International Airport are listed below.

  • Qatar Duty Free.
  • Swarovski.
  • Tiffany and Co
  • APM Qatar Airport QDF.
  • Au Gold

Qatar Duty Free (QDF) Shop

Qatar Duty Free (QDF)  Shop

Qatar Duty Free (QDF) is an award-winning emporium at Hamad International Airport or DIA airport offering a large duty-free area that consists of an endless variety of jewelry, boutiques, toys, perfumes, cosmetics, fashion collections, electronics, and confectionery.

And on 13 August 2017, QDF made an announcement of the opening of its third gold store at this airport filling the hearts of gold lovers with joy by providing them with a variety of beautiful jewelry made from gold and diamond.

Quality of Gold

The gold jewelry showcased by the QDF gold stores is made from 9 carat to 24 carat gold in white and yellow gold jewelry.

Variety In QDF

These gold stores serve their customers with white gold jewelry, yellow gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, and gemstone studded jewelry.

For the diamond and stone studded jewelry, the quality remains the same as it was of gold i.e. 9 carats to 24 carats. Along with single gemstones and loose diamonds, they also sell gold coins and gold bars.

Jewelry of QDF

The duty-free gold stores sell different kinds of jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, jewelry sets, rings, and anklets.

Qatar Duty Free Timings

They are open 24/7 a week at Qatar International Airport.

Contact Qatar Duty Free Guest Service

  • Telephone # 00974-40104167
  • Telephone # 00974-40104167

Swarovski Gold Shop At Doha Qatar Airport

Swarovski Gold Shop

Swarovski brand was founded in 1895 in Austria. It is known for selling incredible jewelry, accessories, watches, decorations, great quality gemstones (man-made), and crystals (made of synthetic glass).

It is a treat for jewelry lovers, providing them with remarkable and innovative jewelry pieces elevated with stunning gems and creative designs. They do not make exclusive gold jewelry but gold-plated jewellery embellished with crystals or gems.

Quality of Swarovski Gold

Swarovski makes jewelry plated with 23k gold. Its Rose gold jewelry is made from 18K rose gold, the color is achieved by an alloy of gold and copper.

Gold Ornaments Variety

Swarovski showcases crystal embellished jewelry, diamond jewelry, gem-studded jewelry, and gold-plated jewelry.

Kinds of Jewelry

Swarovski sells all kinds of jewellery including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Men & Women Watches

Swarovski provides its customers with both men’s and women’s watches. They provide gold-toned, rose gold tones, stainless steel, leather straps, and silicon-strapped watches. 

They also sell watches with metal bracelets. When it comes to colors, they sell red-toned, white-toned, blue-toned, grey-toned, and black-toned watches.

Swarovski Shop Timings

The Swarovski shop remains open 24/7 a week in Hamad International Airport (Qatar).

Contact Telephone Numbers

  • Telephone # 00974-44138098

Tiffany and Co Shop

Tiffany & Co Shop

Tiffany and Co. was started in New York in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany. It is a famous jewelry band known for its experienced craftsmanship and creative jewelry designs. Their shop is duty-free at Doha Airport.

Quality of Tiffany Gold

The gold jewelry showcased by Tiffany and Co. is made from 18k gold.

Gold Jewelry Variety

Tiffany and Co. sells gold jewelry, rose gold jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, and platinum jewelry. It also sells gemstone jewelry including colored gemstone jewelry, diamond jewelry, pearl jewelry, and aquamarine jewelry.

Jewelry Items

Tiffany brand has different kinds of jewelry including necklaces, pendants, earrings, brooches, rings, and fine watches. It also sells men’s jewelry.

Shop Timings

The shop remains open for customers throughout the week at Hamad International Airport (Qatar).

Contact Phone Number

  • Telephone # 800 843 3269

APM (Ariane Prette Monaco) Shop

APM (Ariane Prette Monaco) Shop

APM (Ariane Prette Monaco) is a well-known jewellery brand which started in 1982 by Ariane Prette in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Its experience in craftsmanship and sheer dedication to this field result in exquisite jewelry designs that never fail to impress customers.

Quality Gold Products

Some of their products are composed of an alloy that is made of 95 percent recycled raw material and 18K rose or yellow gold. Their jewelry is made of low-carat gold.

Gold Jewelry Variety

APM at Doha Airport sells yellow gold jewelry, rose gold jewelry, rose gold jewelry, and freshwater pearl jewelry.

APM Jewelry

APM sells a vast range of jewelry including rings, necklaces, bracelets, clipable medals, chokers, and earrings.

They sell both men’s and women’s jewelry.

APM Shop Hours

The shop remains open 7 days a week at Hamad International Airport (Qatar).

Contact Telephone Number

  • Telephone # 0033 7 57903393

AU Gold Shop

Au Gold is a gold and jewelry boutique. It amuses its customers with beautiful modern and traditional gold jewelry designs. It is a duty-free gold shop at Hamad International Airport.

Quality of AU Gold

AU Gold sells gold jewelry of 22k or lower carat gold.

Gold Jewelry Types

It sells exquisite gold and diamond jewelry.

AU Jewelry Collection

It sells different kinds of jewelry including rings, earrings, jewelry sets, bangles necklaces, and bracelets.

It also sells gold coins, gold bars, and diamonds (CNY certified).

Outlet Hours

The jewelry outlet open 7 days a week at Qatar airport.


All these luxurious Doha airport gold shops never fail to make their customers triumphant with lavish and creative jewelry pieces of great quality at affordable prices. So to all gold lovers, it is a must to visit them if you ever visit Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar.