Zero Making Charges On Gold Offer In Qatar

Are you curious to know zero-making charges on gold offer in Qatar? It means jewelers take no incentive to sell jewelry to buyers. They charged customers only the current gold and gemstones value.  

Zero Making Charges On Gold Offer In Qatar

Everybody knows it’s a timely deal and a good investment opportunity. But, did you know zero making charges are offered by jewelers normally on limited designs and at times on 1 to 3 years old fashion designs?

The offer is sometimes festival-based, promoting existing business, generating instant money, attracting customers to new outlet openings, starting or end of the yearly seasons, and marketing jewelry brands.

Let’s first unleash the top-class jewelers that provide zero making charges on gold in Qatar and then we will know what precautions buyers should take before availing of this offer.

Jewelers In Qatar Offering Zero Percent Making Charges

The following are some of the renowned jewelers in Qatar that offer 0% making charges on gold jewelry from time to time.

Al Sulaiman Jewelers

It’s the distinguished name of the finest gold and diamond jewelry in Qatar. Al Sulaiman Jewelers has been operating in Qatar since 1993. They are well known for selling jewelry through their numerous outlets and online through website.

On different occasions, Al Sulaiman offers zero making charges on jewelry. The announcement of such offers is spread through Facebook pages, shops, and YouTube. The offer is limited to time, particular outlet, certain gold karat like 18K, 21K, and 22K jewelry, summer offers, Ramadan offers, etc. 


It is operating with five outlets in Qatar. It is a renowned name in jewelry. Joyalukkas offers zero making charges on gold at various events and specific outlets like Al Watan Center, Al Khor Mall, Safari Mall, Barwa Village, or Lulu Hypermarket. The buyers check their website and Facebook page for ongoing and upcoming discounts and offers and take maximum benefit.

Gold Souq Qatar

It’s a prominent gold market in Doha, Qatar. This place has more than 40 gold & diamond jewelry shops. Tourists or local persons visiting the Gold Souq Qatar can hang around and check for zero-making charges offers and discounts by jewelers in the market. In this way, buyers can avail a good offer on gold shopping.

Precautions of Buying 0% Making Charges Jewelry

There are possibly 4 ways to sell gold jewelry on zero percent making charges. The fourth suggested way is honest and recommended while the other first 3 ways are unethical. In three ways the jewelers trick customers on pricing by selling jewelry at 0% making charges.

All 4 ways are discussed as under:

Gold Price Trick

The jewelers trick customers offering gold jewellery at a higher price than the current gold rate of the day. For instance, if today’s gold rate in Qatar per gram is QAR 218.82 for 22 karat gold, they will increase the rate by 10% to 15% and tell customers the inflated rate as QAR 240.70 or QAR 251.64 per gram.

The customers have no idea of the current gold rate and at times they don’t bother to do market research so whatever gold rate the jeweler tells them they take it as it is.

Since the price has already increased by 10% to 15%, the jeweler has covered the making charges in the price and you perceive that the jeweler has offered you gold jewelry @ zero making charges. In this scenario the customer doesn’t benefit and the jewelry seller makes a profit. So, it is advised that customers must know the current gold rate of the market prior to visiting the gold shops.

Gold Weight Trick

The jewelers trick the customers by offering jewelry including the weight of gemstones at the current gold rate.

For instance, you are offered gold jewelry of 100 grams including 20 grams weight of gemstones. The jeweler tricks the buyer and charges the gold price of 100 grams. Whereas the jeweler has to furnish the price of 80 grams of gold and the price of 20 grams of gems, separately. In this way, the jeweler covers the making charges in the weight of gemstones or artificial stones.    

The other trick the jeweler can do with the customers is telling them that he has deducted the price of 20 grams of gemstones from 100 grams of gold jewelry but actually, he deducted only 5 grams of gems price. In this case, the jewelry shopkeeper charged a gold price of 95 grams from the customer. Hence, the buyer without knowing pays the making charges to the jewellery seller.

Gold Chemical Trick

There are certain chemicals available in the market that when are mixed with the gold during making the jewelry, the weight of gold increases and the customer cannot catch the mixing with his bare eyes.

The outcome is customer pay more for less quantity of gold and gets affected by the trick of the jeweler. You can understand this trap with this simple example, suppose you buy jewellery of 100 grams but it includes 15 grams of gold chemical (a combination of different metals (like iridium, rhodium, etc). The buyer pays for 100 grams of jewelry without knowing gold used for making jewelry includes 15% other gold chemicals.

The jeweler covers his labor charges and offers zero making charges to the customer, which is a loss in the above case. The Hi-tech machines were invented to disclose the ratio of gold and other elements in the jewelry but these are too expensive and rarely available in the shops.

True 0% Making Charges Jewellery

The genuine 0% making charges are offered by the big brands and most prestigious jewelers in the following scenarios.

  • On the occasion of a new branch opening the gold seller engages customers by making this offer to stimulate awareness & promotion.
  • On religious events and traditional custom events, the gold sellers bring substantially reduced making charges up to 0% on limited gold karat jewelry like 22K, 18K and 14K only for a fixed number of days.
  • The jeweler has a stock of old-fashioned jewelry which was not been sold in the last 1 to 3 years. He offers such jewelry at 0% making charges.
  • The jeweler needs money to finance business transactions or personal problems. Therefore offer zero making charges to customers on limited designs and stock. The offer is limited to a certain number of days.


The jewelers make variety of offers to attract customers. The zero making charges on gold in Qatar is offered by jewelers to fascinate customers to sell their limited new fashion jewelry or at times old design stock, or promote awareness about new outlet opening at new place, or taking advantage of special occasion or event when people celebrate good feelings by spending money on jewelry.

The enchanting gold offers is a great way to bring customers on the shop and at the same time it’s a lucrative opportunity for buyers to make investment in jewelry and earn good value by making timely decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It means the jeweler offers to sell its limited stock of gold jewelry for a limited duration without asking for any incentive (or labor charges) from the buyer. The jewelry could be of 22 Karat or 18 Karat gold. The buyer has to pay only the market price of the gold weight and gems used in the jewelry. 

The obvious reason is to attract buyers and increase gold sales. This offer is generally available for a limited time and on a limited stock. The occasions could be at religious events, cultural festivals, the opening of a new branch, the launching of a new brand of jewelry, getting rid of old fashion stock, commencing or ending of seasons i.e. summer or winter, or the requirement of money to finance business or personal needs.

When it comes to marking charges in Qatar, jewelers normally offer two options: a fixed rate per gram or a specific percentage based on the total weight of the gold item. The fixed rate ranges from QAR 20 to QAR 30 per gram, and if the buyer opts for paying labor charges in percentage that will be somewhere between 9% to 15% of the total gold jewelry weight value.