22 Carat Gold Rate Today

The 22 Carat gold price today is QAR 256.59 per gram, QAR 256,591.79 per Kg, QAR 7,980.90 per troy ounce and QAR 2,991.86 per tola.

In the following table you will see the 22 Carat gold rate today of all the major units of gold (values revealed below are based on the one unit, e.g. 1 Ounce 22K gold rate Qatar).

Weight 22K Price
Gram QAR 256.59
Ounce QAR 7,274.25
Milligram QAR 0.26
Kg QAR 256,591.79
Tola QAR 2,991.86
Pound QAR 116,387.98
Pennyweight QAR 399.04
Vori QAR 2,991.86
Grain QAR 16.63
Ratti QAR 46.19
Masha QAR 249.41
Baht QAR 3,911.49
Tael China QAR 9,622.19
Tael Hongkong QAR 9,603.97
Troy Pound QAR 95,770.83
Pavan QAR 2,049.67
Bhori QAR 2,991.86
Troy Ounce QAR 7,980.90
Mesghal QAR 1,182.45
Don QAR 962.22
Chi QAR 969.90
Luong QAR 9,699.02
Ana QAR 186.99

Apr 19, 2024 10:30 am

It is to be noted that a 22 carat gold hallmark with 916 number. The short form of 22 carat gold is 22ct or 22CT and it can be written as 22 Karat gold, 22K gold, 22Kt, or 22k.

  • The value of 22K gold price is less than the 23K gold price and 24K gold price.
  • ¬†However, 22 Karat gold is more durable than top-number karats and is known for making bold bright gold jewelry and other ornaments.
  • The worth of 22 karat gold rate is more than lower karats like 21K gold, 20K gold, 19K gold, 18K gold, etc.

Average 22 Carat Gold Rate Today In Qatari Riyal

The 22 carat gold average rate in Qatari Riyal is helpful for gold shoppers to understand the gold prices landscape. (the quantity of each unit in the below table is 1, e.g. 1 Ounce average 22K gold rate in QAR for 7 days and 28 days).

Weight 7 Days Price 28 Days Price
Gram QAR 254.55 QAR 243.35
Ounce QAR 7,216.40 QAR 6,898.78
Milligram QAR 0.25 QAR 0.24
Kg QAR 254,551.01 QAR 243,347.45
Tola QAR 2,968.06 QAR 2,837.43
Pound QAR 115,462.30 QAR 110,380.46
Pennyweight QAR 395.87 QAR 378.45
Vori QAR 2,968.06 QAR 2,837.43
Grain QAR 16.49 QAR 15.77
Ratti QAR 45.82 QAR 43.80
Masha QAR 247.42 QAR 236.53
Baht QAR 3,880.38 QAR 3,709.59
Tael China QAR 9,545.66 QAR 9,125.53
Tael Hongkong QAR 9,527.59 QAR 9,108.25
Troy Pound QAR 95,009.13 QAR 90,827.49
Pavan QAR 2,033.37 QAR 1,943.87
Bhori QAR 2,968.06 QAR 2,837.43
Troy Ounce QAR 7,917.43 QAR 7,568.96
Mesghal QAR 1,173.05 QAR 1,121.42
Don QAR 954.57 QAR 912.55
Chi QAR 962.19 QAR 919.84
Luong QAR 9,621.88 QAR 9,198.39
Ana QAR 185.51 QAR 177.34

22 Carat Gold Purity Percentage

22 carat gold holds 91.67% pure gold and the remaining 8.33% other materials like zinc, silver, copper, or nickel.

  • In other words, 22 carat gold means a piece of gold jewellery or brick comprising 22 parts of pure gold out of 24 parts and the rest 2 parts of other material consisting of silver or copper, etc.
  • The gold rate in Qatar today 22 carat is widely followed by customers as most of the highly valued and resilient gold jewelry is available and made in 22K gold.
  • The people who love to show glossy yellow gold color prefer to buy and wear, 22 karat gold jewelry. It is their prominent choice due to personal and cultural requirements.

The people who like to attach diamonds to gold jewelry preferably go for 18 Karat gold. On the other hand, customers who like whole gold, eye-catching attraction & high-value jewelry take the option of 22 karat gold. Therefore, the 22k gold price today has significant importance to gold customers.

22K Gold Purity Table

Gold Parts22/24
Gold Purity %91.67
Other Metals %8.3
Hallmark916 or 917