16 Carat Gold Price

The 16 Carat gold price today is QAR 186.61 per gram, QAR 186,612.21 per 1 Kg, and QAR 5,804.29 per 1 troy ounce.

See the today’s 16 Carat gold rate for various standard units of gold in Qatar (the rates given hereunder are for 1 unit in Qatari Riyal e.g. 16K gold price per gram).

Weight 16K Price
Gram QAR 186.61
Ounce QAR 5,290.37
Milligram QAR 0.19
Kg QAR 186,612.21
Tola QAR 2,175.90
Pound QAR 84,645.80
Pennyweight QAR 290.21
Vori QAR 2,175.90
Grain QAR 12.09
Ratti QAR 33.59
Masha QAR 181.39
Baht QAR 2,844.72
Tael China QAR 6,997.96
Tael Hongkong QAR 6,984.71
Troy Pound QAR 69,651.51
Pavan QAR 1,490.67
Bhori QAR 2,175.90
Troy Ounce QAR 5,804.29
Mesghal QAR 859.97
Don QAR 699.80
Chi QAR 705.38
Luong QAR 7,053.83
Ana QAR 135.99

Apr 19, 2024 10:58 am

The 16K gold hallmark with the number 666. It is engraved to show the bearer the percentage of pure gold content in the jewellery or bar.

  • The 16 karat gold price is less worth than top-rated gold karats like 24K, 23K, 22K, 21K, 20K, 19K, 18K, and 17K. However, It is more durable than higher karats since the percentage of other materials is higher in 16K gold.
  • On the other hand, the 16K gold value is more when compared with lower karat gold levels like 15K, 14K, 13K, 12K, 11K, and 10K, etc.

The 16 carat is also alternatively expressed in the form of 16ct or 16CT. In the gold market, the purity of gold is denoted by Karat and hence you can write 16 Karat or 16K or 16Kt.

People don’t bother demonstrating gold purity either by carat or karat since identifying gold purity level is the subject.

Average 16 Carat Gold Price

The average 16 carat gold price in Qatari Riyal benefits the gold buyers to grasp the gold rates landscape & coming possible trend. The average gold rates listed hereunder are for 1 unit in QAR for 7 days and 28 days.

Weight 7 Days Price 28 Days Price
Gram QAR 185.13 QAR 176.98
Ounce QAR 5,248.29 QAR 5,017.30
Milligram QAR 0.19 QAR 0.18
Kg QAR 185,128.01 QAR 176,979.96
Tola QAR 2,158.59 QAR 2,063.59
Pound QAR 83,972.58 QAR 80,276.69
Pennyweight QAR 287.91 QAR 275.23
Vori QAR 2,158.59 QAR 2,063.59
Grain QAR 12.00 QAR 11.47
Ratti QAR 33.32 QAR 31.86
Masha QAR 179.94 QAR 172.02
Baht QAR 2,822.09 QAR 2,697.88
Tael China QAR 6,942.30 QAR 6,636.75
Tael Hongkong QAR 6,929.16 QAR 6,624.18
Troy Pound QAR 69,097.55 QAR 66,056.35
Pavan QAR 1,478.81 QAR 1,413.72
Bhori QAR 2,158.59 QAR 2,063.59
Troy Ounce QAR 5,758.13 QAR 5,504.70
Mesghal QAR 853.13 QAR 815.58
Don QAR 694.23 QAR 663.67
Chi QAR 699.77 QAR 668.97
Luong QAR 6,997.73 QAR 6,689.74
Ana QAR 134.91 QAR 128.98

16 Carat Gold Purity Percentage

The 16 carat gold contains 66.67% pure gold and the remaining 33.33% various other materials like zinc, silver, copper, or palladium.

In simple words, one can say that, a 16-carat gold means 16 parts of pure gold content out of 24 total parts and the leftover 8 parts of other material.

  • Due to the strength and increased solidity, 16K gold is ideal for people with hard-working life pattern.
  • It’s scarcity in the market makes it less common in the people. Still, popular and traditional gold brands active in the market can arrange customized jewellery made up of 16Kt gold.

The 16K gold jewellery is safe to use in day-to-day life. However, if you feel any sort of skin irritation, then go for higher-karat gold jewellery or consult with your doctor.

16K Gold Purity Table

Gold Parts16/24
Gold Purity %66.67
Other Metals %33.33