19 Carat Gold Rate

The 19 Carat gold price today is QAR 221.60 per gram, QAR 221,602.00 per Kg, and QAR 6,892.60 per troy ounce.

Today in Qatar, check the current 19 Carat gold rate for various standard units of gold (the prices listed hereunder are for 1 unit in Qatari Riyal e.g. 1 Kg 19 carat Doha Qatar gold rate today in QAR).

Weight 19K Price
Gram QAR 221.60
Ounce QAR 6,282.31
Milligram QAR 0.22
Kg QAR 221,602.00
Tola QAR 2,583.88
Pound QAR 100,516.89
Pennyweight QAR 344.63
Vori QAR 2,583.88
Grain QAR 14.36
Ratti QAR 39.89
Masha QAR 215.40
Baht QAR 3,378.10
Tael China QAR 8,310.07
Tael Hongkong QAR 8,294.34
Troy Pound QAR 82,711.17
Pavan QAR 1,770.17
Bhori QAR 2,583.88
Troy Ounce QAR 6,892.60
Mesghal QAR 1,021.21
Don QAR 831.01
Chi QAR 837.64
Luong QAR 8,376.42
Ana QAR 161.49

Apr 19, 2024 10:56 am

The 19 carat gold is marked with a 791 hallmark. The 19 carat gold is abbreviated by 19ct or 19CT. It can be written as 19 Karat, 19K, 19k, or 19KT gold.

  • The 19 carat gold price is lower than superior karats like 20K, 21K, 22K, 23K, and 24K gold.
  • However, 19 carat gold durability is more as compared with superior karat gold.
  • But, 19K gold price enjoys a higher rate value than the minor gold karats like 18K, 17K, 16K, 15K, 14K gold.

Average 19 Karat Gold Price In Qatari Riyal

The average 19 Carat gold price in Qatari Riyal is beneficial for gold customers to understand the gold prices picture. (the average prices listed hereunder are for 1 unit in QAR for 7 days and 28 days).

Weight 7 Days Price 28 Days Price
Gram QAR 219.84 QAR 210.16
Ounce QAR 6,232.34 QAR 5,958.04
Milligram QAR 0.22 QAR 0.21
Kg QAR 219,839.51 QAR 210,163.70
Tola QAR 2,563.33 QAR 2,450.51
Pound QAR 99,717.44 QAR 95,328.57
Pennyweight QAR 341.89 QAR 326.84
Vori QAR 2,563.33 QAR 2,450.51
Grain QAR 14.25 QAR 13.62
Ratti QAR 39.57 QAR 37.83
Masha QAR 213.68 QAR 204.28
Baht QAR 3,351.23 QAR 3,203.74
Tael China QAR 8,243.98 QAR 7,881.14
Tael Hongkong QAR 8,228.37 QAR 7,866.22
Troy Pound QAR 82,053.34 QAR 78,441.92
Pavan QAR 1,756.09 QAR 1,678.80
Bhori QAR 2,563.33 QAR 2,450.51
Troy Ounce QAR 6,837.78 QAR 6,536.83
Mesghal QAR 1,013.09 QAR 968.50
Don QAR 824.40 QAR 788.11
Chi QAR 830.98 QAR 794.41
Luong QAR 8,309.80 QAR 7,944.06
Ana QAR 160.21 QAR 153.16

19 Carat Gold Percentage

19 carat Gold has 79.17% pure gold percentage and the rest 20.83% are other materials like zinc, silver, copper, or palladium.

People can ask what is 19K gold? It’s answer would be a type of gold having 19 parts of pure gold out of 24 total gold parts and the remaining 5 parts alloy.

  • One of the prominent features of 19K gold is that it is much harder and stronger than high karat numbers but if compared with 14K, 18K, or 9K gold, it is softer.
  • So if you are a busy working woman, it is recommended to go for a lower gold karat level like 14K or 18K or 9K for jewellery.
  • 19K gold is new. It’s also available in a white color besides a yellow color appearance with the addition of alloys.

19K is relatively less found in the market as compared with 14K, 18K, and 9K gold jewellery. However, as 19K is gaining some popularity the 19 carat gold rate today is also finding interest in the public.

Some of the safety measures one can adopt to maintain the shine of 19K gold jewellery is always to take off the gold ornaments when washing cloths, dishes, vehicles, or even during the path.

19K Gold Purity Table

Gold Parts19/24
Gold Purity %79.17
Other Metals %20.83