23 Carat Gold Rate Today

The 23 Carat gold price today is QAR 268.26 per gram, QAR 268,255.05 per Kg, QAR 8,343.67 per troy ounce and QAR 3,127.85 per tola.

Let’s examine the 23 Carat gold rate today in Qatar of all the prestigious units of gold (values shown below are based on the weight quantity equal to 1, e.g. 1 Kg 23 carat gold price today in QAR).

Weight 23K Price
Gram QAR 268.26
Ounce QAR 7,604.90
Milligram QAR 0.27
Kg QAR 268,255.05
Tola QAR 3,127.85
Pound QAR 121,678.34
Pennyweight QAR 417.18
Vori QAR 3,127.85
Grain QAR 17.38
Ratti QAR 48.29
Masha QAR 260.74
Baht QAR 4,089.28
Tael China QAR 10,059.56
Tael Hongkong QAR 10,040.52
Troy Pound QAR 100,124.05
Pavan QAR 2,142.83
Bhori QAR 3,127.85
Troy Ounce QAR 8,343.67
Mesghal QAR 1,236.20
Don QAR 1,005.96
Chi QAR 1,013.99
Luong QAR 10,139.88
Ana QAR 195.49

Apr 19, 2024 10:56 am

The 23 carat gold is hallmarked with 958. The symbol of 23 carat gold is 23ct or 23CT. It can be written as 23 Karat 23K, 23k, or 23KT gold. In routine, people in the gold market denote gold purity by writing either of the words carat or karat.

  • 23K gold is a little hard and more durable than 24K gold. Because 4.2% of other metals are mixed with 23K gold items.
  • Since 24K gold is 99.99% pure. The worth of 23 karat gold price is less than 24K gold price.
  • However, 23K gold rate has more value than 22K gold, 21K gold, 20K gold, 19K gold, 18K gold, etc.

23 Carat Average Gold Rate Per Unit In QAR

Knowing the 23 Carat average gold rate per unit in QAR (Qatari Riyal) is important for some gold investors who have extra money and are interested in earning more. (values shown below are based on 1 unit, e.g. 1 Kg 23 carat gold average rate in QAR for 7 days and 28 days).

Weight 7 Days Price 28 Days Price
Gram QAR 266.12 QAR 254.41
Ounce QAR 7,544.42 QAR 7,212.36
Milligram QAR 0.27 QAR 0.25
Kg QAR 266,121.52 QAR 254,408.69
Tola QAR 3,102.98 QAR 2,966.41
Pound QAR 120,710.59 QAR 115,397.75
Pennyweight QAR 413.86 QAR 395.65
Vori QAR 3,102.98 QAR 2,966.41
Grain QAR 17.24 QAR 16.49
Ratti QAR 47.90 QAR 45.79
Masha QAR 258.67 QAR 247.29
Baht QAR 4,056.76 QAR 3,878.21
Tael China QAR 9,979.56 QAR 9,540.33
Tael Hongkong QAR 9,960.66 QAR 9,522.26
Troy Pound QAR 99,327.73 QAR 94,956.01
Pavan QAR 2,125.79 QAR 2,032.23
Bhori QAR 3,102.98 QAR 2,966.41
Troy Ounce QAR 8,277.31 QAR 7,913.00
Mesghal QAR 1,226.37 QAR 1,172.39
Don QAR 997.96 QAR 954.03
Chi QAR 1,005.92 QAR 961.65
Luong QAR 10,059.23 QAR 9,616.50
Ana QAR 193.94 QAR 185.40

23 Carat Gold Purity Percentage

23 Carat means gold holding 95.8% pure gold and 4.2% other metals like copper, zinc and silver.

  • 23 Carat gold means that a¬†gold made-up (bar or jewelry) comprises 23 parts of pure gold and the remaining 1 part of alloy like silver and copper materials.
  • In Qatar, you can make customized gold items in 23K gold. The ready-made gold jewellery in 23K is rare.

The gold jewelers in the market asses the price of the 23 carat gold jewellery using the following method:

Final price of the 23K jewellery = (23 carat gold price per gram X weight in grams) + (jewellery making charges per gram) + (general sales tax on jewellery price + making charges)

With 23K gold, you can have earrings, chains, rings, and even lockets. You can visit the renowned Gold Souq Qatar, Lulu Hypermarket, Al Meera Supermarket, and Qatar Duty Free and secure the best price deal for 23K gold made-up jewelry of your choice.

23K Gold Purity Table

Gold Parts23/24
Gold Purity %95.8
Other Metals %4.2