17 Carat Gold Price

The 17 Carat gold price today is QAR 198.28 per gram, QAR 198,275.47 per 1 Kg, and QAR 6,167.06 per 1 troy ounce.

Study the latest 17 Carat gold price of various standard units of gold in Qatar (the rates given hereunder are for 1 unit in Qatari Riyal e.g. 1 Gram 17 carat today Qatar gold rate).

Weight 17K Price
Gram QAR 198.28
Ounce QAR 5,621.01
Milligram QAR 0.20
Kg QAR 198,275.47
Tola QAR 2,311.89
Pound QAR 89,936.17
Pennyweight QAR 308.35
Vori QAR 2,311.89
Grain QAR 12.85
Ratti QAR 35.69
Masha QAR 192.72
Baht QAR 3,022.51
Tael China QAR 7,435.33
Tael Hongkong QAR 7,421.25
Troy Pound QAR 74,004.73
Pavan QAR 1,583.83
Bhori QAR 2,311.89
Troy Ounce QAR 6,167.06
Mesghal QAR 913.71
Don QAR 743.53
Chi QAR 749.47
Luong QAR 7,494.69
Ana QAR 144.49

Apr 19, 2024 10:56 am

The 17K gold hallmark is stamped with 708 numbers. It can be jewellery and gold brick. The 17 Carat is also referred to as 17CT or 17ct. You will see that 17 carat gold purity is indicated by 17 Karat and can be rewritten as 17K or 17KT. In the market, both terms are used frequently.

  • The obvious feature of 17K gold is that it is stronger than high-grade karats like 24K, 23K, 22K, 21K, 20K, 19K and 18K.
  • The reason is that 17 karat gold has a high percentage of other metals mixed in it.
  • But, at the same time, the 17K gold worth is lesser than top grade karats including 18K, 19K, 20K, 21K, 22K, 23K, and 24K.

17 Carat Average Gold Rate

The 17 Carat average gold rate in QAR is beneficent for gold buyers to grasp the gold prices landscape & future trend. (the average prices listed hereunder are for 1 unit in Qatari Riyal for 7 days and 28 days).

Weight 7 Days Price 28 Days Price
Gram QAR 196.70 QAR 188.04
Ounce QAR 5,576.31 QAR 5,330.88
Milligram QAR 0.20 QAR 0.19
Kg QAR 196,698.51 QAR 188,041.21
Tola QAR 2,293.50 QAR 2,192.56
Pound QAR 89,220.87 QAR 85,293.99
Pennyweight QAR 305.90 QAR 292.44
Vori QAR 2,293.50 QAR 2,192.56
Grain QAR 12.75 QAR 12.18
Ratti QAR 35.41 QAR 33.85
Masha QAR 191.19 QAR 182.78
Baht QAR 2,998.47 QAR 2,866.50
Tael China QAR 7,376.19 QAR 7,051.55
Tael Hongkong QAR 7,362.23 QAR 7,038.19
Troy Pound QAR 73,416.15 QAR 70,184.88
Pavan QAR 1,571.24 QAR 1,502.08
Bhori QAR 2,293.50 QAR 2,192.56
Troy Ounce QAR 6,118.01 QAR 5,848.74
Mesghal QAR 906.45 QAR 866.55
Don QAR 737.62 QAR 705.15
Chi QAR 743.51 QAR 710.78
Luong QAR 7,435.09 QAR 7,107.84
Ana QAR 143.35 QAR 137.04

17 Carat Gold Purity Percentage

17 carat gold comprises 70.8% pure gold and the remaining 29.2% various or either of the other materials like zinc, silver, copper, or palladium.

In simple words, a 17 carat gold means it has 17 parts of pure gold out of 24 total parts and the remaining 7 parts of other material stuff.

  • Since 17K gold is hard and more durable, therefore it is suitable for busy lifestyle personalities. It’s availability is quite rare.
  • However, jewellery of 17Kt gold can be arranged by big and classical gold brands.

The 17K gold mark jewellery is safe to use in routine life and it does not cause skin allergy.

However, if you feel skin irritation, then go for higher-karat jewellery or consult with your doctor.

17K Gold Purity Table

Gold Parts17/24
Gold Purity %70.8
Other Metals %29.2