1 Troy Ounce Gold Price

Today, the 1 Troy Ounce gold price Qatar is QAR 8,706.44 for a 24K gold carat and QAR 7,980.90 per Troy Ounce for a 22K gold carat. The gold rates per troy ounce are updated on a daily basis for the convenience of the visitors to stay informed in a timely manner.

Troy Ounce Gold Price

The visitors can see the following table showing the latest Troy Ounce gold price against 24-carat and 22-carat gold. The abbreviation of a troy ounce is “t oz” or “oz t”.

You may find hereunder, today’s price of 0.25 Troy Ounce, 0.5 Troy Ounce, 2 t oz, 3 t oz, 4 t oz, 5 t oz, and 10 t oz gold as commonly used in the gold market of Qatar considering the weight of Troy Ounce gold as 31.10 grams.

Weight 24K Price 22K Price
0.25 Troy Ounce QAR 2,176.61 QAR 1,995.23
0.5 Troy Ounce QAR 4,353.22 QAR 3,990.45
1 Troy Ounce QAR 8,706.44 QAR 7,980.90
1.5 Troy Ounce QAR 13,059.66 QAR 11,971.35
2 Troy Ounce QAR 17,412.88 QAR 15,961.81
3 Troy Ounce QAR 26,119.32 QAR 23,942.71
4 Troy Ounce QAR 34,825.76 QAR 31,923.61
5 Troy Ounce QAR 43,532.20 QAR 39,904.51
10 Troy Ounce QAR 87,064.39 QAR 79,809.03

Apr 19, 2024 10:55 am

In the international gold market whenever the spot price of one ounce of gold is provided, it is actually referred to a troy ounce gold price, it’s not a standard ounce rate.

A standard ounce is equal to 28.34952 grams and the weight of a troy ounce is 31.10347 grams. A troy ounce is heavier than an ounce. For example, you see $1926.50 per ounce day rate is actually referred to as the troy ounce (31.10 grams) rate.

You can view the up-to-date market tendency of gold rate per troy ounce in the last 7 days and 30 days by visiting the troy ounce gold price chart (graph) on the site.

1 Troy Ounce Gold Price By Purity Level

Keeping in view the interest of the visitors, we are providing QAR gold prices today per Troy Ounce according to different gold purity karats common in Qatar gold markets.

KaratsGold PurityPrice
23K95.8 %QAR 8,343.67
21K87.5 %QAR 7,618.13
20K83.3 %QAR 7,255.37
18K75.0 %QAR 6,529.83
15K62.5 %QAR 5,441.52
14K58.3 %QAR 5,078.76
10K41.7 %QAR 3,627.68

Average Troy Ounce Gold Price

The average prices of gold help in understanding the overall gold price per troy ounce and its general trend.

Therefore, you will see hereunder the average gold prices of Troy Ounce for 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, and 28 days for 24 carat and 22 carat gold in Qatari Riyal (QAR).

Days 24K Price 22K Price
7 QAR 8,637.19 QAR 7,917.43
14 QAR 8,546.53 QAR 7,834.32
21 QAR 8,385.09 QAR 7,686.34
28 QAR 8,257.04 QAR 7,568.96

Troy Ounce Gold Price Change In 30 Days

Due to market forces and business dynamics, the troy ounce gold rate observed changes. Sometimes the price of a troy ounce shows an upward trend and other times it moves downward.

The information presented below shows the change in the Troy Ounce gold price per day in last 30 days. The minus (-) sign in the last column shows the drop in the Troy Ounce QAR prices compared with yesterday’s gold price.

Days 24K Price Change in Price
19 Apr 24 QAR 8,706.44 QAR 75.82
18 Apr 24 QAR 8,630.62 QAR -100.17
17 Apr 24 QAR 8,730.79 QAR 154.24
16 Apr 24 QAR 8,576.56 QAR -45.86
15 Apr 24 QAR 8,622.42 QAR -19.20
14 Apr 24 QAR 8,641.62 QAR 89.72
13 Apr 24 QAR 8,551.90 QAR 39.15
12 Apr 24 QAR 8,512.75 QAR -21.51
11 Apr 24 QAR 8,534.26 QAR 52.53
10 Apr 24 QAR 8,481.73 QAR -7.64
09 Apr 24 QAR 8,489.37 QAR 12.31
08 Apr 24 QAR 8,477.06 QAR 134.50
07 Apr 24 QAR 8,342.56 QAR -10.75
06 Apr 24 QAR 8,353.31 QAR 121.42
05 Apr 24 QAR 8,231.89 QAR 78.30
04 Apr 24 QAR 8,153.59 QAR 15.98
03 Apr 24 QAR 8,137.61 QAR 52.82
02 Apr 24 QAR 8,084.79 QAR 89.64
01 Apr 24 QAR 7,995.15 QAR 68.88
31 Mar 24 QAR 7,926.27 QAR 19.97
30 Mar 24 QAR 7,906.29 QAR 20.36
29 Mar 24 QAR 7,885.94 QAR 6.85
28 Mar 24 QAR 7,879.08 QAR 24.30
27 Mar 24 QAR 7,854.78 QAR 3.29
26 Mar 24 QAR 7,851.49 QAR -10.67
25 Mar 24 QAR 7,862.17 QAR 1.76
24 Mar 24 QAR 7,860.41 QAR -55.99
23 Mar 24 QAR 7,916.40 QAR 28.55
22 Mar 24 QAR 7,887.86 QAR 178.87

What Is The Difference Between A Troy Ounce And An Ounce

A troy ounce is to date a standard official measuring unit of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Its weight is equal to 31.1034768 (exact) grams. The troy-ounce official weight system is effective in the London Bullion Market Association to fix gold prices.

Remember, whenever, you see gold spot price, written in per ounce, it actually refers to the price per troy ounce (i.e. per 31.10 grams).

During business transactions, the current gold rates play a crucial role. In the local or foreign gold market, you must clarify this important aspect with the other party (buyer/seller) to avoid any mistake or loss at the time of the deal.

An ounce is a measuring unit to weight commodities like salt, wheat, sugar, rice, and other grains. The weight of the ounce in actual is slightly less than a troy ounce and it is 28.35 grams.

When referring rate of precious metals like gold. The rate is normally indicated per ounce in the international gold market. However, in reality, it’s per troy ounce rate.

On this site, you will see that gold price per ounce, which is based on 28.35 grams, and is the actual standard weight of an ounce.

Troy Ounce Gold Price Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Today in Qatar, the 1 troy ounce 24K gold price is QAR 8,706.44 .

In Qatar the latest 24K price of 0.5 troy ounce gold is QAR 4,353.22 .

Today in Qatar, the 22 carat 1 troy ounce gold rate is QAR 7,980.90

There are 32.151 troy ounces in 1 Kg of gold. You can use a gold weight converter free online tool on the website to convert a troy ounce into any other unit of gold measurement.

1 troy ounce of gold is equivalent to 31.1035 grams.