14 Carat Gold Price Today

The 14 Carat gold price today is QAR 163.29 per gram, QAR 163,285.68 per Kg, and QAR 5,078.76 per troy ounce. The prices given hereunder are for various gold units per 1 unit e.g. 14K gold price per gram in Qatar. The 14 carat (14ct or 14CT) can be written as 14 karat (14K or 14KT).

Weight 14K Price
Gram QAR 163.29
Ounce QAR 4,629.07
Milligram QAR 0.16
Kg QAR 163,285.68
Tola QAR 1,903.91
Pound QAR 74,065.08
Pennyweight QAR 253.94
Vori QAR 1,903.91
Grain QAR 10.58
Ratti QAR 29.39
Masha QAR 158.71
Baht QAR 2,489.13
Tael China QAR 6,123.21
Tael Hongkong QAR 6,111.62
Troy Pound QAR 60,945.07
Pavan QAR 1,304.33
Bhori QAR 1,903.91
Troy Ounce QAR 5,078.76
Mesghal QAR 752.47
Don QAR 612.32
Chi QAR 617.21
Luong QAR 6,172.10
Ana QAR 119.00

Apr 19, 2024 10:58 am

14K Gold Price People Preference

People around the world prefer wearing 14K gold as its durability is high and at the same time, it’s budget-friendly. So people like to know daily price updates of 14K gold. Some people search 14K gold price per gram calculator or a 14k gold price per ounce calculator.

You can use our gold price tool to determine the latest 14K gold rates per gram, ounce, Kg, Tola, etc in other currencies like USD, INR, BDT, etc. Similarly, people having 14k gold jewelry can evaluate its up-to-date price by using a gold jewellery price calculator online on this website.

Average 14 Carat Gold Price

Weight 7 Days Price 28 Days Price
Gram QAR 161.99 QAR 154.86
Ounce QAR 4,592.25 QAR 4,390.13
Milligram QAR 0.16 QAR 0.15
Kg QAR 161,987.01 QAR 154,857.47
Tola QAR 1,888.77 QAR 1,805.64
Pound QAR 73,476.01 QAR 70,242.11
Pennyweight QAR 251.92 QAR 240.83
Vori QAR 1,888.77 QAR 1,805.64
Grain QAR 10.50 QAR 10.03
Ratti QAR 29.16 QAR 27.87
Masha QAR 157.45 QAR 150.52
Baht QAR 2,469.33 QAR 2,360.65
Tael China QAR 6,074.51 QAR 5,807.15
Tael Hongkong QAR 6,063.01 QAR 5,796.16
Troy Pound QAR 60,460.36 QAR 57,799.31
Pavan QAR 1,293.96 QAR 1,237.01
Bhori QAR 1,888.77 QAR 1,805.64
Troy Ounce QAR 5,038.36 QAR 4,816.61
Mesghal QAR 746.48 QAR 713.63
Don QAR 607.45 QAR 580.72
Chi QAR 612.30 QAR 585.35
Luong QAR 6,123.01 QAR 5,853.52
Ana QAR 118.05 QAR 112.85

The 14 carat gold hallmark is stamped with the number 585. It is normally provided by the maker on gold jewellery or gold brick as a certificate of authenticity.

The 14 karat gold worth has less value than top-rated gold karats like 24K, 23K, 22K, 21K, 20K, 19K, 18K, 17K, 16K and 15K. But, gold jewellery of 14K is stronger than high level karats since the percentage of other materials like zine or copper is higher in 14K gold.

Another aspect of 14 Karat gold value is that it’s price is more and higher when compared with lower karat levels like 13K, 12K, 11K, 10K, 9K, and 8K, etc.